Ave María Farm

Ave María is the exclusive brand of Empresas Gahona S.L. (GEG), dedicated to the production and exportation of their organic bitter oranges.

GEG cultivates and exports organic Seville bitter oranges to the fresh fruit market, which are purchased by consumers for the preparation of homemade marmalade.

The demand for bitter orange marmalade is common knowledge, especially in northern European countries, for breakfasts and snacks SEVILLE ORANGE MARMALADE, being frequently advertised as the best marmalade in the world.

Ave María offers you this genuine product from a long line of tradition, boasting maximum quality

Naranja Amarga Sevillana Ecológica
Organic Seville Oranges
Orange Amère de Culture Biologique
Bittere Sevilla-Orangen aus Ökologischem Anbau